Why do you Deserve an Exclusive Buyers program?

Have you ever had trouble getting hold of your realtor? Do you have to share him/her with sellers? Is s/he bogged down in paper in this hectic. In this market, without a team, it is impossible to exceed our clients' expectations.

Instead, how would you like a team of specialists instead of a solo agent? Would you like access to a team member 24/7? We have one assistant working night shift. When you are under contract, don't you want a tag team of 2 to make sure everything gets done right? Want to have a first point of contact who will answer your call? And, have you ever had an agent who will door knock just to find you that home you wanted? We've got it and you deserve it. Call us and set up an appointment (719.207.1334)


Drew Miller, Client — December 20, 2014
Paula has helped us a bunch and made our buying process smooth and speedy!
Mike and Ruth Croghan — September 16, 2017
Paula and Micheal sold our son their house and did such a good job that they told us to use them. We got just the place we wanted. Now, they are back to work finding our daughter a place. So... do you think we appreciate their exceptional service? There is no question.
Rose OConnor— March 10, 2017
When we first moved to the Salida area, we just walked into a real estate company and bumped into Micheal and Paula. 3 years later, so much has happened. They Found us a perfect home in Buena Vista, then they sold the home 3 years later so we could move to a lower elevation. The entire team gets involved and we never had a moment of not knowing or lack of communication. They are dear friends at this point.
Pam & Steve Wilson-Floyd, Other — October 24, 2016
Micheal and Paula were very attentive to us, found THE location that "ticked all our boxes". We purchased the property and house from Minneapolis so their connection to the sellers and us was crucial to closing on this beautiful mountain home.